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Meet Jewelz, BCMC Founder/President

Visionary entrepreneur, Julia “Jewelz” Amponsah-Gilder, is the driving force behind the Black Candle Makers Club (BCMC), an extraordinary platform she founded in August 2020. With an initial membership of just under 100 individuals, Jewelz has orchestrated its rapid rise, amassing a thriving community of over 12,500 members in less than three years.


Jewelz's journey in the world of candle-making began in 2006 when she and her husband embarked on a creative venture to craft exquisite candles. This passion and expertise led her to establish Couture Candlez by Jewelz, a distinguished brand known for its exceptional quality and captivating designs.


Recognizing the importance of continuous learning, Jewelz further honed her craft by completing a comprehensive candle curriculum and candle safety training course in December 2020. The program was conducted under the teaching of Kathy LaVanier, former president of the National Candle Association, solidifying Jewelz's expertise in the field and ensuring adherence to the highest safety standards.


Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Jewelz expertly balances multiple roles and responsibilities. As a devoted wife and mother of four, she understands the significance of family and cherishes the harmony between her personal and professional life. In her capacity as the Director of Assessment at Houston Independent School District, Jewelz plays a pivotal role in shaping educational practices and outcomes.


Driven by a relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth, Jewelz is currently pursuing a doctorate in Educational Leadership at Lamar University. With an impressive 22-year career as an educator, she draws upon her vast experience to empower others and provide transformative learning opportunities.


Inspired by her passion for education and commitment to empowering aspiring entrepreneurs, Jewelz established BCMC University. This groundbreaking initiative equips BCMC members with the knowledge and tools necessary to thrive in the candle-making industry. Through the university, participants gain comprehensive insights into candle business ownership, practice essential safety protocols, and benefit from access to esteemed candle industry leaders who generously share their expertise on a wide range of candle-making topics.


Jewelz's determined spirit, unwavering dedication, and exceptional leadership have not only transformed BCMC into a thriving community but have also propelled her own brand, Couture Candlez by Jewelz, to new heights. Her commitment to excellence, coupled with her passion for education and entrepreneurship, continues to inspire and uplift individuals across the candle-making industry.


In summary, Jewelz is an entrepreneurial trailblazer, candle enthusiast, educator, and dedicated family woman. Her remarkable achievements and unwavering commitment to empowering others through BCMC University serve as a testament to her extraordinary vision, expertise, and the deep-rooted mark she is making in the candle-making industry.

Curriculum Training Certificate

Julia "Jewelz" Amponsah-Gilder, owner/CEO of the Black Candle Maker's Club (BCMC) University and Couture Candlez by Jewelz, received a certificate of candle curriculum training by THE BEST in the candle industry, Kathy LaVanier, former president of the National Candle Association (NCA), in December 2020.